General contract, commercial and corporate law

We will advise and represent you in all contractual matters which are in connection with your activities. Furthermore, we will support and advise you in the choice of the proper corporate form as well as during the establishment and organization of your enterprise.

International corporate law

As an internationally active law firm, we also feel at home in foreign corporate law and will advise you competently and straightforwardly.

Criminal law

We support private individuals as well as enterprises in the field of criminal law, including commercial criminal law. Fast and professional advice is particularly imperative in this field of law.

Law concerning foreigners

You benefit from our many years of experience in the field of law concerning foreigners. Obtaining work and residence permits with the statutory provisions to be noted in this regard is accomplished fast and successfully thanks to our support.

Employment law

We will gladly help you in the preparation of an employment contract, with problems during an employment relationship or with all other uncertainties concerning employment law.

Marriage, partnership and family law

Plans pertaining to marriage, partnership and family law are essential for a relationship. Only thanks to professional advice are you on the safe side, irrespective of which difficulties the future may bring.

Inheritance law and estate planning

"Never put off till tomorrow what you can do today" – nowhere is this proverbial expression more appropriate than in the field of inheritance law and estate planning. We will help you to draw up your last will and testament or testamentary contract and ensure that your arrangements will be implemented as requested.

Notarizations and authentications

Thanks to the internal notary’s office, we guarantee you fast handling of legal transactions in need of notarization. If you also desire legal advice, we are naturally gladly at your disposal.

Family Office Services

Not only are legal questions frequently asked, but specific situations also arise in which experts from the fields of trust and real estate are to be consulted. Due to the close personnel and local collaboration with a trust company and a real estate agency, solutions can be worked out and services linked which are cross-sectorial and individually tailored to your situation.